Retail and Premium Banking customers

Bond rates issued by Raiffeisen Bank are displayed from 18 May 2010. Bond rates are available for Retail and Premium Banking customers.

Bond price history
Bond rates for Retail and Premium Banking customers
Name Net bid price Net ask price Accumulated interest Gross bid price * Gross ask price **
AT1 Subord.Unsec.Add.Tier1 - - - - -
AT1 Subord.Unsec.Add.Tier1 II. - - - - -
Raiff. 230926 HUF kötvény - - - - -
Raiff. 231214 HUF kötvény - - - - -
Raiff. 240318 HUF kötvény - - - - -

Chart view

* Bonds can be bought at gross bid price compounded of net bid price and accumulated interest.

** Bonds can be sold at gross ask price compounded of net ask price and accumulated interest.

- The bank draws your attention, that the right for changing the quotation even within a day is reserved depending on the market situation.

- In case you do not find the price of any securities in the table, please, call our customer service on 06-40-48-48-48 or for further information visit one of our branches.